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Coverdisk Archive – PC Review

Posted on October 13th, 2016

I don’t remember too much about PC Review and indeed can’t find anything on it past 1992 (archive.org/details/pcreviewmagazine) which was before I started to read it. From what I remember it disappeared mid decade. I think it failed to find its identity (and audience); in the early to mid 90s the newsagents where awash with PC magazines and the market was reaching saturation.

Although looking at the disk listing for February 1994 (Doom!) the volume is called “WPCG_COV1”; WPCG being shorthand for “What PC Games”. This was a short lived magazine that appeared around the same time. I’m guessing that was a failed attempt at a re-brand or sister magazine with better circulation.

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PC Review – 1993

 PCR_September1993_DiskA_label Issue: September 1993 (Disk A)

Archive: PCR_September1993_DiskA.zip

Directory ListingPCR_September1993_DiskA_Listing.txt


  • The Lost Vikings
 PCR_November1993_DiskB_label Issue: November 1993 (Disk B)

Archive: PCR_November1993_DiskB.zip

Directory ListingPCR_November1993_DiskB_Listing.txt


  • Ancients: Deathwatch

PC Review – 1994

 PCR_February1994_DiskA_label Issue: February 1994 (Disk A)

Archive: PCR_February1994_DiskA.zip

Directory ListingPCR_February1994_DiskA_Listing.txt


  • DOOM! (running a 386SX 25 with 2MB RAM – I had to wait almost a year to get a 2Mb upgrade for Christmas before I could play. When I did play I had to reduce the screen the size of a postage stamp… brilliant!
 PCR_February1994_DiskB_label Issue: February 1994 (Disk B)

Archive: PCR_February1994_DiskB.zip

Directory ListingPCR_February1994_DiskB_Listing.txt


  • Cakewalk Professional 2.0
 PCR_November1994_DiskA_label Issue: November 1994 (Disk A)

Archive: PCR_November1994_DiskA.zip

Directory ListingPCR_November1994_DiskA_Listing.txt


  • Lords of the Relam

PC Review – 1995

 PCR_February1995_DiskA_label Issue: February 1995 (Disk A)

Archive: PCR_February1995_DiskA.zip

Directory ListingPCR_February1995_DiskA_Listing.txt


  • Cannon Fodder 2
 PCR_February1995_DiskB_label Issue: February 1995 (Disk B)

Archive: PCR_February1995_DiskB.zip

Directory ListingPCR_February1995_DiskB_Listing.txt


  • Psycho Pinball
 PCR_August1995_Disk1_label Issue: August 1995 (Disk 1)

Archive: PCR_August1995_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCR_August1995_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Design Works
 PCR_November1995_Disk2_label Issue: November 1995 (Disk 2)

Archive: PCR_November1995_Disk2.zip

Directory ListingPCR_November1995_Disk2_Listing.txt


  • Hurl