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You may have noticed we've been missing for a few weeks, well the truth is the site got hacked. My own fault really, traffic was increasing daily and I ignored known security holes (I always saw this as a hobby and not work, so was easy to ignore things I didn't find interesting). Anyway lesson learnt.

It gave me a good excuse to try out a new CMS and design; I'm still playing around so it may (will!) change again.

All the old posts are back up, albeit with shiny new post dates.

recent posts

Coverdisk Archive – PC Gamer

PC Gamer launched in the UK in December 1993 with the US edition following soon after in 1994. It was a solid magazine but I always felt it lacked the humour and personality of magazines like PC Zone. But having said that, it’s the only PC Magazine left on the newsagent shelves (unless you count […]

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Coverdisk Archive – Personal Computer World

Personal Computer World was the first British PC magazine running from 1978 to 2009. It wasn’t one of the magazines that really appealed to me, it was more “IT Industry” focused and seemed to be about 50% ads (it was a BIG magazine). However, much like buying breakfast cereal for the free gift, I was persuaded […]

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Coverdisk Archive – PC Review

I don’t remember too much about PC Review and indeed can’t find anything on it past 1992 (archive.org/details/pcreviewmagazine) which was before I started to read it. From what I remember it disappeared mid decade. I think it failed to find its identity (and audience); in the early to mid 90s the newsagents where awash with PC […]

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Coverdisk Archive – PC Zone

PC Zone was one of my favourite magazines full of British humour and a total lack of respect for pushy games companies. When a publisher, after a particular honest and brutal review, refused to give them any more game for review (that’ll learn um!)… they simply bought the games and reviewed them in the next […]

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Coverdisk Archive

I recently rediscovered boxes and boxes of old IBM PC floppy disks from the 90s. Mainly British PC magazine coverdisks (PC Zone, PC Format, PC Review, PC Gamer etc) that I collected religiously week in week out when I was teenager. With a bit of influence from some of my favourite YouTubers (Lazy Game Reviews, Nostalgia […]

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