We're back

You may have noticed we've been missing for a few weeks, well the truth is the site got hacked. My own fault really, traffic was increasing daily and I ignored known security holes (I always saw this as a hobby and not work, so was easy to ignore things I didn't find interesting). Anyway lesson learnt.

It gave me a good excuse to try out a new CMS and design; I'm still playing around so it may (will!) change again.

All the old posts are back up, albeit with shiny new post dates.

recent posts

Slow Windows Installation with AHCI Enabled – SOLVED

Having just upgraded a few bits and pieces on my gaming desktop (namely SSD drive, new CPU and GPU) I decided to have clean install of Windows. Problem is, having gone from Legacy IDE to SATA/AHCI mode in the BIOS, my system was painfully slow to install and even boot. I couldn’t understand this, where […]

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Perl Breadcrumb Trail

What is the a Breadcrumb Trail? The Perl CGI Breadcrumb Trail navigation script dynamically creates a navigation menu based on the users’ current location within the web site.  Home >> Blog >> Perl Breadcrumb Trail Showing the user exactly where they are in relation to the rest of the site, and allowing them to quickly […]

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DD-WRT Beginners Router Firmware Flash Guide

This beginners guide is intended as a tutorial for people who’re unsure about flashing their router or have less computer experience. The guide will show you, step by step, how to Flash the Buffalo WHR-G300N Router with the DD-WRT Firmware. Although I’ve used the WHR-G300N, you will be able to use the guide when flashing […]

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How to Perform a Windows 10 Clean Install

So you’ve reserved you free copy of Windows 10 but you want to perform a clean install and decrapify your PC. In short you want a fast responsive system again. Recoveries don’t tend to do this as they always install the same old bloatware that you never asked for and don’t want. The Windows 10 update […]

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PC Zone RIP (1993 – 2010) The end of an era, PC Zone was the UKs finest PC Games magazine for 225 issues over 17 years. Launched in April 1993 it was the first magazine dedicated to PC games. Over the years it saw off many competitors, PC Review, PC Games and more recently Total PC […]

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